Feminist Graphic Tee : Eat the Cookie Tee

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Double entendre fans, this one is for you! What does it mean? Well, first off,  life is too short to judge yourself for doing what you need to do to feel good! That extends to your feelings on body image and diet culture. It also sounds kind of naughty, so if you took it that way, you aren’t alone and Rock What You Got™ is totally down for it! Whether you are looking for body positivity or sex positivity, let this 100% cotton tee do the talking for you. Get ready to meet someone interested in your “Eat the Cookie” story! 

Item: Feminist Graphic Tee
Color: Black with pink lettering
Slogan: Eat the Cookie Pink with White Rock What You Got Signature
Fabric: 100% Cotton

Tee’s origin story is from the  Rock What You Got™ 
unapologetic podcast: We're Gonna Talk About It